The Pleyel workshop

Enjoy the sign of confidence Pleyel !

You have a Pleyel piano that you want to restore. Our technical team is at your disposal to achieve expertise to:

  • achieve meaningful analysis of its condition and ensure a restoration or a high-quality repair, or
  • estimate the current value of your instrument as it stands.

You have a Pleyel piano that you want to keep in the best musical conditions, our technical team is available for any tuning, regulation or harmonisation of your instrument.

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The Sign of Confidence Pleyel

Pleyel, thanks to the experience gained during its two centuries dedicated to exceptional instruments manufacturing, is undoubtedly the best specialist to restore or maintain your Pleyel piano. You benefit:

  • Know-how and expertise of our makers, holders of a long tradition passed from generation to generation, from the companion to apprentice, both in instrument making than in cabinetry:
    • Only the subtlety of the hearing, small precise gestures, extreme meticulousness of a Pleyel technician ensure that you get the sound quality and the precision of touch that make the reputation of Pleyel pianos worldwide.
    • Pleyel cabinetmakers are the inheritors of a long tradition of wood craft.
  • A restoration that respects the authenticity of the original plans and engineering principles used during the making at the Manufacture Pleyel
  • Technical infrastructure dedicated to the research of a perfect synthesis of design, quality of materials and development of instruments.


The Pleyel Company is available to restore your instrument in a large rich tradition of two centuries of instrumental manufacturing, from the harmonic assembly to the cabinetry.

An adapted service at your listening to respond as best as it can to your needs, according to the quality commitments Pleyel. The Maison Pleyel has the best of the know-how of the high instrumental manufacturing, our technicians having all the knowledge of the traditions of design and making, the requirement brought to the choice of every material and the precision of the gesture.

We perform all work, musically and cabinetmaking at:

  • The harmonic skeleton: fillets reparations and varnishing of the soundboard, gilding frame, pinblock changing, replacement of bridge footings, soundboard ribs bonding, revised load, calculation strings plans, winding strings, ...
  • The action and keyboard: refelting or replacement of hammerheads in order to recover the original sound of your piano, change all keyboard felt parts, replacement and/or treatment of ivory keys, rebalancing keyboard to regain fluid and pleasant touch, tuning to recover the soundness of your piano. Harmonisation is the ultimate point of restoration or repairing of your piano: this is the step that will restore its tone and its sonority and provides you to reconnect with the pleasure of playing.
  • The cabinet part: Pleyel knew how to surround itself with the best cabinet makers and woodcarvers able to handle all decorative ornaments of your piano (brass bandings, bronzes, carved mouldings, friezes, ...), marquetry craftsmen (fan-shaped marquetry, in diamond or any other kind), laquer experts (all lacquer shades are achievable because we work exclusively with polyurethane lacquer) and varnishers (high gloss or satin varnish, French polish) to restore all its brilliance to your instrument.

These works help to provide the reliability and durability required for your piano, while respecting the Pleyel specifications depending on the period of manufacture (Pianino, model P model F, Model 3, 3Bis model or any other model also other brands).

Our latest achievement

Pianino n°2 733
Finish : chenille mahogany, French polish
Manufactured in 1859
Fully restored in our workshops using traditional techniques

All our pictures of restoration on Instagram Instagram Pleyel @atelier_pleyel


To estimate your Pleyel piano, our team is available to appraise at its true value. Indeed, the estimation of a piano is determined relative to the rating C.S.P.M. (Union Chamber of Professionals of Music), depending on the acoustic instrument condition and his cabinet.

Tuning and maintenance of your piano

To keep all the musical qualities of your piano, it is essential to bring it a regular maintenance. Pianos are very sensitive to humidity and temperature variations, especially when the heating is switched on or off in houses or apartments.
So, tuning your instrument, twice a year, is a minimum to keep the instrument level and maintain it in contractual warranty conditions.

Pleyel then offers technical service that moves upon your request to tune, adjust and harmonizing your piano

Call on Pleyel technicians, it’s to guarantee the quality of your piano:

  • Excellent tuning stability over time,
  • A quality of regulating for optimum musical expression,
  • A homogeneous equalisation for regularity of the sound,
  • Harmonisation to keep the 'color' of sound, the beauty of timbre.