Pleyel China officially inaugurated

Prelude to its presentation at the Shanghai 2016 Fair, Pleyel China was officially inaugurated on October 17 in Beijing in the presence of Maurice Gourdault-Montagne, French ambassador and Shicheng Wang, minister of the musical instrument industry.

Music China, Asia's largest music fair, is held every autumn in Shanghai. The opportunity to meet over 18 hectares of over 1800 exhibitors from all over the world who unveil Western and Chinese instruments, classical or modern, as well as the latest audio and lighting technologies show.

Fleuron of French know-how

During its fifteenth edition, from October 26 to 29, visitors' attention was received by the Pleyel China booth, which announced the revival of the manufacture and marketing of these pianos with a unique past, flagship of the know-how of French artisans since the 19th century, inseparable from the greatest musicians and contemporary composers who have forged the memory of this prestigious brand.

New models in 2016

Taking advantage of these ideal circumstances to present his latest models, Pleyel exhibited the right pianos P124 and P131, which went into production in November 2016 and are intended for the Chinese market. Copies that were singularly appreciated by the numerous visitors, professional or amateur artists but also dealers, curious to discover or rediscover the oldest piano factor still active.

Pleyel, an inventive and avant-garde brand

But the legendary manufacture Pleyel had to stage its bicentennial heritage with some exceptional pianos that enameled its catalog, like the famous Piano double or the astonishing Odalisque of Marco Del Re and Milky Way Andree Putman without omitting the mythical P280 models of 1961 or P190 in 2005.

Drawing on an inventive and avant-garde tradition, Pleyel opens a new page in its history.

Relive images of the Beijing event and the Shanghai fair