The pleyel guarantee of confidence

Thanks to the experience gained over two centuries devoted to making high-end instruments, the Pleyel Company is undoubtedly the best specialist for valuing, servicing, restoring or giving you advice on your Pleyel piano.

The Pleyel guarantee of confidence offers you:

  • Unique expertise for the servicing of your instrument: tuning, regulating, voicing, in order to maintain the highest standard of musical qualities and the famous “Pleyel tone”
  • The savoir-faire and expertise of our piano makers whose traditional skills have been passed down from generation to generation, from journeyperson to apprentice, both in instrument making and cabinetry:
  • Only the subtleties of the human ear, the deft gestures and absolute meticulousness of a Pleyel technician can guarantee you the acoustic quality and accuracy of touch which have earned Pleyel pianos a reputation for excellence throughout the world.
  • Pleyel cabinet-makers are heirs to a long tradition of woodworking professions.
  • Technical facilities dedicated entirely to the quest for perfect harmony between design, quality of materials and development of the instruments.
  • Restoration of your instrument respecting the authenticity of the original technical plans and principles used in the manufacturing of your piano in the Pleyel factory.
  • The use of original Pleyel spare parts, which alone can guarantee you the long-lasting acoustic qualities of your piano. Particularly for crucial parts like the soundboard, the frame or the pinblock which can only be replaced in our workshops.

Making use of Pleyel’s expertise is the best guarantee of preserving the identity of your Pleyel piano, maintaining its heritage value, safeguarding its excellent tone and its playing properties for generations, or rediscovering all its original qualities in the case of a restoration or rebuild.
We also recommend that you follow the Pleyel use and care instructions below.
The Pleyel workshop service, located in Paris, is at your disposal to answer all your questions and respond to any needs relating to your instrument, in line with Pleyel’s quality commitment. A team of skilled specialists work in this department headed by Virginie Boyer, a Pleyel piano maker and technician for over 20 years.