Valuations and expertise


The origin of your piano

If you would like to know the age or origin of your piano, it is essential that you have its serial number so that one of our technicians can assist you. This can be found inside the rim on the right-hand side.
The Pleyel Piano archives are now stored by the Musée de la Musique in Paris, particularly all the records of the Pleyel factory retracing the history of all the pianos and harps produced by Pleyel.
If you should require further information about the history of your Pleyel instrument, we invite you to consult these digitalized archives on:


If you would like to have your Pleyel piano valued, one of our authorized Pleyel technicians is at your disposal to come and make a detailed assessment which is essential to value your instrument accurately.
This estimate is determined according to the C.S.P.M. rating (Chambre Syndicale des Professionnels de la Musique), depending on the age of your piano but also the condition of its mechanical structure, its parts and components and its cabinetwork or lacquer.
This valuation will enable you to determine the approximate market value of your piano.


You can also arrange for your piano to undergo a more in-depth diagnostic assessment if you want to have any repair work done or perhaps a more comprehensive restoration of your instrument.  
Who better than a trained Pleyel technician to restore your Pleyel?
By appointment, a specialist authorised Pleyel technician can come and assess the condition of your piano both from a musical point of view (soundboard, strings, playing mechanism) and an aesthetic one (cabinetry, lacquer, varnish and other repairs related to the case). He/she can inform you about any repairs necessary to restore your piano to its original glory, thus allowing you once again to benefit from the full range of Pleyel tones.
The expertise and travel expenses can be deducted from the cost of your piano’s restoration (minimum 500€ TTC) if you accept your personalised quotation.